PE Protection Tape (Blue & Transparent)
PE Protection Tape (Blue & Transparent)


PE Protection Tape (Blue & Transparent)

Protection Tape is made of premium quality polyethylene film (PE) as carrier which coat with solvent based acrylic adhesive with specialized low tackiness. A perfect invention that played an important role in surface protection against chemical corrosion, damages and scratches.

  • Exceptional capability of withstanding extreme changes in surrounding temperature.
  • High-definition film carrier with high smoothness surfaces allow for excellent visibility.
  • Hydrophobic characteristics with strong water repellency provide superior water resistance.
  • Unique design of removable adhesive provide ease of removal without leaving glue residue.

  • Suitable for name plate, plastic plate, aluminum plate and other gloss or smooth surface.
  • Suitable for matt and rough surface like matt polycarbonate and other gloss or smooth surface, painted, surface painted surface, plastic bumper for automotive and LCD protection.

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