PVC Black Protection Tape


PVC Black Protection Tape

Protection of profiles such as windows, doors, metal plates, stainless steel, aluminium plates / sheets etc, to prevent an object from being contaminated, scratched during machining or transportation. Improves workability of the object during fabrication. No adhesive residue after removal.

-Use to protect sensitive surfaces against mechanical damage, dust and dirt during transport, storage and assembly.

Applications include:
- Surfaces to be protected on the components free from dust, oil, solvents or other chemicals
- Temperature (surface and surroundings): > 40 deg Celsius
- Using laminating machines with rubber coated press rollers to apply this film.
- Always try to eliminate or minimize film elongation together with the formation of air bubbles and         folds during laminations.
- The film is not suitable for extreme Thermoforming.

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